Our Hidden Technology consultants have the IT expertise and the specialist knowledge to program your home automation systems perform optimally.

The design component is just part of the process. Once your wiring and system components are installed, we provide you with all documentation, including an instruction manual showing the function of each lighting switch and serial numbers for any equipment used.

After you have had some time to move in and live in your new home, we will follow up to make any necessary "tweaks" to ensure the system is optimised to match your lifestyle.

Home automation solutions are designed to be flexible, allowing changes to be made to the control systems with minimal programming.

A tablet with smart home control system.


Hidden Technology provides an accredited cable installation service for telephone, data and coaxial systems.

Hidden Technology also offers designs that meet FOXTEL and Telstra standards.

Additionally, we can install various other types of audio-visual cable and speaker cable, as well as any other miscellaneous cable that might be required.

WHY CHOOSE Hidden Technology

Hidden Technology consultants have IT expertise and the specialist knowledge required to design these systems to perform optimally. They understand the equipment and its capabilities and can advise on the best solution for your needs.

Hidden Technology prides itself on attention to detail and ensuring installations are completed correctly, with good quality materials and workmanship.