Your Integrated System

Our Hidden Technology consultants can work with you to create a comprehensive solution that integrates all of your home automation components within a single, integrated system.

We provide design services to adequately cable your home with the underlying infastructure requred for an automated solution.

A Hidden Technology design will enable you to bring together the various types of cabling used in your home within a single, centralised cabling system, including:

  • telephone;
  • data;
  • coaxial; and
  • audio.
Hidden Technology Tablet Home T20 GLAN0N
A tablet with smart home control system.


A consultant will work with you to produce a comprehensive plan that matches the way you intend to live in the house, including the location of all hubs and outlets. You can plug in any type of device and combine components to work together, and even control them from a single panel. For example, you might have a single switch to turn off your security system, turn on your air-conditioner and light the hallway and living room when you arrive home.

Once the cabling is installed, you can add and modify components in the system without having to re-wire your house.

Ideally, your wiring should be installed when you are either building or renovating your house. For the best result, you should develop your wiring design at the same time as your building plans. Your Hidden Technology designer can even work in conjunction with your architect or draftsperson to ensure the system is fully integrated with your overall design.

Your design will include details of any home automation components to be integrated into your overall system. The inherent flexibility of the system allows you to incorporate any type of home automation component, including:

This flexibility also means you will be enable to add new components in the future, as your budget and lifestyle allow. Anything can be connected and any component upgraded.

Your design is an independent, stand-alone document that you can take to any qualified contractor for an installation quote. Alternatively, you can arrange for Hidden Technology to manage the entire project. Because you have a detailed wiring design, you can be sure all contractors are quoting on an identical service, making it easy to compare quotes.

Young woman controlling home light with a digital tablet in the living room. Concept of a smart home and light control with mobile devices

WHY CHOOSE Hidden Technology

Hidden Technology consultants have IT expertise and the specialist knowledge required to design these systems to perform optimally. They understand the equipment and its capabilities and can advise on the best solution for your needs.

Hidden Technology prides itself on attention to detail and ensuring installations are completed correctly, with good quality materials and workmanship.

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